We have developed very strong relationships with a number of international big players in our realm of R&D and expertise.

We are one of a handful of UAV operators recognized by the CAA & other 3rd parties related to the industry. Our dedicated UAV operator has had well over 300 hours of flight time and is involved in educational exercises regarding the industry. Only five entities currently hold UAV licenses in New Zealand, we are soon to be the sixth.

We are in regular discussion with the CAA and hold ourselves stringent to current regulations

Our portfolio is arguably the best & most diverse for our target market and we will soon be able to closely compete with high-level players such as Virtuosis in production quality regarding UAV cinematography due to signal processing techniques that we are specifically implementing.

We emphasize on UAV, POV, hyperlapse & robotics in addition to truly cutting-edge post production & signal processing techniques. Quite simply, we are not a UAV company, nor a production house, we are primarily an R&D collective as we have branched out to many 3rd parties such as the ‘maker / creative technologies’ community when dealing with new research. We simply keep it fresh.

We are ready for 2016 with what is widely expected in the industry to be a huge leap into consumer VR / AR marketing & experience delivery. We have positioned ourselves for 360 degree video through players such as ‘Google Jump’ & ‘GoPro Spherical’.

Our ethos is driven towards the cutting-edge and we are continuously developing new production techniques & partnerships.

We are able to quickly adapt to most any scenario as we rely of ‘blanket coverage’ of an environment, allowing us to later define & perfect in post. This also had the advance of expedient turn around, quick shooting. With this technique we can also creative vastly diverse deliverables from a single day of shooting.

Many of our processes are becoming far more automated, both while on location & in post-production. We can predict from these trends that turn-around of deliverables will continue to improve. 

We focus on local relationships, resourcing local talents & hold emphasis on supporting local institutions with potential internships. We have taken on students from Media Design School, Auckland University of Technlology & School of Audio Engineering. 

We believe in giving back to the community. We have covered local school events, historical landmarks & festivals on the house.

To the best of our knowledge, there are no other players utilizing our unique approach in this hemisphere. Combining extensively modified prosumer equipment alongside advanced signal processing techniques & robotics is an original methodology. Many other parties have utilized consumer UAV / GoPro combinations, but have not been able to deliver the same level of quality due to lacking in software solutions & hacked modifications. Techniques we are currently developing in signal processing, advanced robotics, UAV waypoint & stereoscopic computer vision will literally put us another step ahead of the competition.