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  • 6° of movement 'true VR' cinematography - photo-realistic 3D asset & environment acquisition for the purposes of VFX / VR / Desktop / Mobile & Web based applications.

  • unique post production & signal processing techniques including the development of deep learning image enhancement & automation throughout our 3D pipeline for PBR workflow

  • strong emphasis on advanced robotics & autonomous operations for large data acquisition of 3D environments.

  • virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality applications for immersive media technologies

We have streamlined our ultra-realistic photogrammetry to virtual reality pipeline into an art. As a result we can effectively encapsulate reality in all of its visual nuance, creating nothing short of a ‘being there’ sensation for real-time VR applications.
ultra-realistic 3D capture of pristine artwork, assets & environments of significance. UAV & ground-level based Photogrammetry is our expertise. Digital cultural preservation, GLAM initiative, interactive experiences. We cater with International expertise.
from a real world environment, to a 40 billion plus dense point cloud data scan, to an oculus rift streaming at 90fps. Our workflow / pipeline retains all the intricacies of the original scene.
the ability to get far more intimate with artwork in virtual reality than you ever could in the real world - lean right in and admire every nuance & every paint stroke in your own personal universe.

Historical Christchurch - Photogrammetry Project

RealtityVirtual.co is undertaking the ambitious digital reconstruction of as many sites damaged from Christchurch's earthquakes that devastated the city between September 2010 and early 2012.  We're seeking photography and video collections from members of the public to help us build a digital model of as many sites in pre-2010 Christchurch as possible.  All these photographs and videos will be fed into sophisticated peices of software that will extract and digitally reconstruct as much detail as possible.  We envisage complete reconstructions of the exterior of Christchurch Cathedral, interior components, plus other sections of Cathedral Square, Cashel, Worcester, Colombo, High Street and more.  

Our team currently consists of Simon Che de Boer - Reality Virtual's founder and CVO, Goodbright Consulting / Miles Thompson will be overseeing machine learning and LuckyBulldozer's Dan Monaghan managing data acquisition.

The project and it's team are currently at the inception stage - we're looking for someone on the ground in Christchurch to help us along, so if you think that sounds like you, then please get in touch we'll keep you posted as the project develops.

"I was a chorister in the Christchurch Cathedral choir so I spent a lot of time in the cathedral and its surrounds over the years and have a lot of memories of places that are now gone.

There was a stone and wood practice room built high up into the tower, with big wooden lecterns on which graffiti was carved from other choir boys going all the way back from the 1980s to the 1890s or even earlier. Hundreds of years old graffiti just like something out of Harry Potter. I remember the way the light fell across the inside of the cathedral space from the big rose window. 

You can't go back to so many of these spaces - just to marvel at how things have changed - they're gone. So it becomes even more important to document things as they once were. Both historically and psychologically." - Miles Thompson - Goodbright Consulting.


contact us regarding any photos/Videos you have plus any other questions have regarding the Project.

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Cultural preservation is our goal. All historical data-sets provided under an independent trust for future generations to enjoy.

Feel free to drop us a line, we are here to help encapsulate your reality.


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Data Sets

At Reality Virtual, when it comes to heritage sites - we're all about sharing the data.  We're encouraging other photogrammetrists to have a go processing our data and seeing what they can create.  We know that over time, as software gets more advanced and faster, greater detail will be able to be extracted over time.  Download our data sets and start processing yourself.

Thanks to the kindness of our friends at Capturing Reality, NVIDIA and Unreal Engine for their support in allowing us to capture, process and visualize all this content, without their incredible contributions, none of this would be possible.


All works are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) license.

Wallace Homestead VR-S4RRqg_ELPc.00_17_11_12.Still026.png

Mana Beach

A combo of ground and drone footage makes up this 50gig scan.

Wallace Homestead VR-S4RRqg_ELPc.00_01_19_02.Still006.png

Wallace Homestead


50 gig interior dataset at the Pah Homestead, home of the Sir James Wallace 


Wallace Homestead VR-S4RRqg_ELPc.00_02_17_11.Still011.png

St Mathews Cathederal


250 gig 7,500 photos including interior drone footage.

Wallace Homestead VR-S4RRqg_ELPc.00_08_19_11.Still020.png

Crystal Palace Projection Booth

50 gig data set of a historic projection booth in @ the Crystal Palace in Auckland, New Zealand.